Meatless? A Fresh Look at What You Eat

Sarah’s latest book for young readers is Meatless? A Fresh Look at What You Eat also published by Owlkids Books.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Ontario Librarian Association Forest of Reading Silver Birch Award non-fiction award

Shortlisted for Nova Scotia’s Hackmatack Award, 2018

Shortlisted  the Information Book Award at Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, 2018

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids and Teens

Humans are eating more meat than ever before. At the same time, vegetarianism is capturing more widespread attention. From Meatless Mondays to vegan options, people are talking more about meat and whether or not to eat it.

Journalist Sarah Elton tackles the topic by explaining what vegetarianism is, why people choose it, and how their reasons—including religion, animal rights, food security, and the environmental cost of eating meat—have changed over time. The book closes with practical tips for making the switch, and perspectives from vegetarian kids.

As a conflicted meat eater herself, Elton encourages freedom to choose. Lively illustrations, sidebars, and sources, plus a glossary, index, and further reading suggestions make this a friendly, comprehensive introduction to vegetarianism.

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Information for Educators:

Grade Range: 4–8
Fountas & Pinnell: T
Lexile: 1020L