From the Food and Water First folks, standing up for farmland preservation

Up, Up and Away! 

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Bill Lishman on the ground with a popular lawn sign!

Bill Lishman’s flight to Melancthon for Celebrate Food & Water First is making headlines in the Orangeville Banner! The paper has profiled Bill and the reasons for his latest airborne adventure — spreading the message about protecting prime farmland. “If we keep paving it over, there will be nothing left to grow stuff on to feed us. That’s what it comes down to.”
Bill will fly to Honeywood on the morning of August 18th and speak at the Honeywood arena at noon. He’ll then board his ultralight again and soar across the fields, forests and river valleys. What a sight!
Celebrate Food & Water….and Books! 
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Author Sarah Elton at the Big Carrot!
The “best little bookstore in Canada” is going to be the best little book stand at Celebrate Food & Water First! On August 18th, visit the Curiosity House Bookstore booth and pick up a copy of “Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet” by Sarah Elton, writer and CBC broadcaster. It’s a timely subject given the focus of Food & Water First, the protection of prime farmland and water resources.
  ”When I was researching Consumed, I traveled to China where people told me that it was okay to pave over their fields and focus on manufacturing instead because they could import food from elsewhere. I heard the same in India,” recalls Sarah. “Protecting farmland for posterity is an important part of building a resilient food system to feed us in a time of climate change.” 
   Books by these local authors will also be available: Simon Heath, Cecily Ross, Donna Hefron, Leigh Evans, Hugh Brewster, Carolyn J. Morris, Debbie Ohi and Catherine Gildiner. The Curiosity House Bookstore in Creemore has been a popular destination for readers over the past 18 years. Visit their website: 

You can order tickets to Celebrate Food & Water First at this link: