Sarah regularly gives talks at conferences, universities and colleges, as well as at libraries and community events.

Of her talk at the community gardening event held at Oshawa’s Durham College, organizer Susan Elston said:

“Sarah Elton is a star. Her keynote address at our Community Gardens symposium was an inspiration. She effectively connected the dots between consumer choices, food sustainability and the health of the planet. Bravo!”

Sarah has given a TEDX talk at the University of Guelph and has debated alongside Mark Bittman of the New York Times at the Conference Board of Canada Food Summit. She has shared the stage with Michael Pollan at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. She also has been invited to give the keynote lecture at conferences and universities such as at Dalhousie University’s Green Week in Halifax and at the Canadian History and Environment Summer School at the University of Guelph. She presented to an audience made up the country’s top food business executives, bureaucrats, academics and not-for-profits at the Canadian Food Summit.

Said Stuart McCook, associate professor of history at the University of Guelph and co-organizer of the 2012 Canadian History and Environment Summer School:

“Sarah gave the keynote address at our academic workshop in 2012.  Her talk, “Feeding a Future in Balance,” explored the emergence of local and sustainable alternatives to the global industrial food system. Her talk was powerful because it built upon her own research, interviewing people engaged in alternative food production around the globe, from Canada to India, from farmers to policymakers. She vividly connected their individual efforts, and their individual stories, into a broader narrative about food, and about the power of individuals and organizations. She has a gift for lucidly explaining complex ideas and processes, for making the global and abstract both concrete and personal.”

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“Sarah informed and entertained the audience and local producers with her knowledge and enthusiasm.  Sarah’s presentation and the time she spent answering questions and speaking personally with those present all contributed to a very successful evening.” May, 2012, community event in Callander, Ontario