Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference

When I get invited to speak these days, I have been finding that there is just too much to squeeze into one talk. So I’ve decided to supplement what I speak about with links to articles and organizations and other information for anyone interested in following up.

Here are the links for my keynote talk at the Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference on November 23, Mission Resilience.

ALUS (Alternative Land Use Services) is a farmer-led organization that rewards farmers for stewarding the land.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization explains agrobiodiversity, why we’ve lost 75 percent of it, and why this is bad news.

In Canada, The Bauta" target="_blank" >http://www.seedsecurity.ca/en/">auta Family Initiative on Seed Security in Collaboration with USC Canada is doing something about agrobiodiversity loss from a regional perspective.

The Ecological Farmers’ Association of Ontario has a lot of resources and is conducting interesting on-farm research.

Information about unhealthy food and home cooking from an American perspective. In Europe, home cooking has been connected to better health outcomes. Research into food swamps in Canada and Health Canada reports on deskilling and food.

The Regent Park Community Food Centre is part of Community Food Centres Canada.

Happy exploring.