Inspiring new book for spring!

Nova Scotia gardener and author Nikki Jabbour’s new book Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans that will change the way you grow your garden is a book filled with inspiration–and hope for the growing season. (First a caveat: Nikki invited me several years ago to contribute a garden design to this book, which I did. My plan for a front yard foraging garden has been illustrated beautifully, along with a short piece explaining the garden by Nikki.)

The book is a collection of inventive and creative designs for all sorts of food producing gardens. From a chicken-friendly garden to a fig garden, herb garden, chili pepper garden, a salad-producing garden (I want to plant this one), the different approaches to growing all sorts of food is exhaustive. And you don’t have to have a lot of space or even sun. Many designs offer solutions for less than perfect situations. I particularly admire the pallet garden, made from an old shipping pallet, turned on its side and mounted to a wall. I’d love to try growing some edibles in one of these. Maybe they’d be out of reach of the raccoons in my garden?

For anyone thinking of growing food this summer–particularly beginners or those of us looking for some fresh ideas–this is the book for you.