An inspiring Saturday afternoon in September

It’s not often you get a chance to meet a leading thinker in your field. So it was a really special Saturday this month, when I had the honour and the pleasure to not only meet, but to converse and exchange ideas, with author and journalist Michael Pollan on stage at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival.

I first learned of Pollan’s work when I was working at CBC Radio’s Metro Morning with host Andy Barrie. Andy and I were heading out to record an interview in Scarborough and in the car he told me about this amazing book he’d read called The Botany of Desire. Andy, a warm and generous man, wanted me–the young journalist–to read this book so much that he stopped the car at a bookstore and ran in to buy me a copy. I read it, and have followed Pollan’s work ever since, always admiring his storytelling and his amazing ability to find the narrative in science or in the natural world.

The feedback I’ve received from the audience on Saturday has been overwhelming. But what I am most inspired by is spending a sunny Saturday afternoon in September indoors with 600 people who think about food, who care about food and who want to have a serious conversation about how we can improve the status quo. Wow!