My folding picnic table, as referred to in The New York Times

When you’ve written a book and The New York Times calls you up to ask about your research, you reveal all. Or, rather, I revealed all. In the May 12, 2013 Escapes Section of the Sunday Times, you will find a Q and A with me where I describe our, up until now, secret family habit of picnicking in hotel rooms while sitting at a fold-out picnic table that we bring with.

I first saw these folding picnic tables in France, where people picnic with gusto–at the side of the road, on hiking paths, on the tops of mountains–while sitting around their portable picnic tables. A few weeks after I returned from France, my neighbour had a garage sale and low and behold, there was the same blue plastic folding picnic table that I’d seen on the trip! We bought it. And what a terrific purchase it was: the table, replete with four seats, folds up into a box that is about the size of a very large briefcase and this contraption allows us to self-cater in style when travelling!

So far my kids love the table just as much as we parents do.

You can find them here, if you want one too:

This is a very fancy one: