GTA Supermarket series on CBC Radio’s Here&Now

This September on Here and Now, I am putting together a series called “We are what we shop for.” It’s a month-long look at the independent supermarkets that cater to different cultures of food in the GTA. The hope is that each week, we’ll learn a little bit more about who we are as a city by having a look at where we buy our food, what we buy and how we go about doing it.

The first stop was Galleria Supermarket, an expansive store specializing in Korean foods–from rice to seaweed to antibiotic free pork cut for bulgogi to Ontario-grown Korean vegetables such as bracken. At Galleria, you can also buy a kimchee crock, a kimchee fridge as well as kimchee kits (packages of partly prepared kimchee that you can take home to finish by rubbing hot red chili paste on the leaves and then ferment). There is a tofu master who makes fresh tofu daily, as well as tofu soup and tofu flower. And in case you don’t know how to cook Korean food, because your family never taught you how, or because you don’t have Korean roots, you can even take free cooking classes there.

What I found most interesting at Galleria, however, was how the store has adapted Korean home cooking to¬† Canadian cooking habits. That is, our lack of cooking habits. The kimchee kit is one example of the ready to go kits that offer people the opportunity to make a traditional dish–also pork bone soup–without doing all the work that is typically required.

You can listen to what I said about Galleria and the changes they’ve brought to the Toronto food scene here, at CBC Radio.

You can find Galleria at 865 York Mills Road and 7040 Yonge Street.