A season of food columns

I’ve been remiss to post links to my CBC Radio food columns this fall so here’s a round-up.

September began with a story about Ryerson’s new cafeteria where chef Joshna Maharaj has transformed institutional cooking into what she hopes feels like home-cooked. It’s called The Hub Cafe and is open to the public.

If you’re looking for the amazing levain bread I spoke about, check out Toronto’s Blackbird Baking Co. And the local fish from Lake Eerie–along with other sustainable foods–are found at Hooked.

I explored some food culture stories and spoke about how Toronto is a leading example for great food projects in the city, from public sector to non-profit to entrepreneurial. I also had a look back at the history of coffee culture in Toronto and tried to better understand why we have so many independent coffee shops that are busy. At all times of day!

You can listen to them all here, on the CBC website.